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This information will give you some insight on living in Egypt and enhanced general knowledge beyond the Nile and the pyramids.


The history of Egypt is the longest continuous history, as a unified state, of any country in the world. The Nile valley forms a natural geographic and economic unit, being bounded to the east and west by deserts, to the north by the sea and to the south by the Cataracts of the Nile. The need to have a single authority to manage the waters of the Nile led to the creation of the world's first state in Egypt in about 3000 BC.


The Egyptian populous is divided into four cultural groups consisting of Copts (An Egyptian belonging to or descended from the people of ancient or pre-Islamic Egypt), Bedouins (An Arab of any of the nomadic tribes of the Arabian, Syrian, Nubian, or Sahara deserts), Nubians (Any of a group of closely related Nilo-Saharan languages spoken in the Sudan) and Egyptian peasants or fellahin (A peasant or agricultural laborer in an Arab country, such as Syria or Egypt).

Shopping In Egypt

Egypt is a wonderland of shopping opportunities. Of course, there are the famous bazaars such as the Khan el-Khalili, but then there are also thousands of unusual stores scattered about the country, and especially in Cairo, though some products are better purchased perhaps from the locale from which they are produced, such as alabaster in Luxor. However, Cairo provides a huge variety of everything from antiques to fine clothing and especially jewelry.

Country Profile

While best known for its pyramids and ancient civilizations, Egypt has played a central role in the political situation within the region in modern times.

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