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February 28, 2010


We just returned from our Egypt vacation through RoadtoEgypt. They did a phenomenal job!!! We did an 8 day package including Cairo, Abu Simbel and a Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor on the MS Mojito. It was all perfect!!!

Ahmed Amin planned our trip and was very thorough and patient with all of my questions and requests. Normally, we do our own travel planning and don't use tour operators... but after reading a lot about Egypt, and listening to many recommendations, we decided this was one trip that we should not do all on our own. That was a VERY good decision! The entire trip, we kept thinking of how much harder each thing would have been if we were on our own. And the tour is totally private, so you are not stuck with a large tour group. It was just my immediate family and the tour guide. Wonderful!!

Upon arrival at each location, we were greeted by a RoadtoEgypt representative (they used local Sakkara tour operators and they were all excellent) who helped gather our luggage and led us to our private transportation. Our escort in Cairo was Hassan Abdel Latif and he was GREAT. He had the biggest nicest smile to greet us every time. Then he checked us into our hotel, made sure we had everything we needed and confirmed the time to meet in the lobby for whatever our next tour activity was. So we had plenty of free time on our own, but never had to worry at all about anything! The tour guides were all excellent english speaking licensed Egyptologists. I would like to HIGHLY recommend the Nile Cruise on the Mojito, and our Egyptologist who was assigned to that portion of our trip, Walid Mustafa.... he was just PERFECT and made our trip the best.

Also, we happened to be in Egypt when the Iceland volcano decided to erupt.   RoadtoEgypt helped in getting my parents rerouted home when the volcano had disrupted all of the flights through London.  It was SO comforting to know that they had the company to assist them, even after my husband and I had left Cairo.  Both Eva and Hassan were extremely supportive throughout the process of talking to different airlines for options and also rebooking hotel rooms for the extended stay.  They probably kept my mother from having a nervous breakdown.  :)

Overall, RoadtoEgypt (with Sakkara tours) & the Nile Cruise on the MS Mojito were all 5 star and I would HIGHLY recommend!!!!!

Side notes: Abu Simbel, you can leave Cairo EARLY in the morning on 5 am flight to Abu Simbel, visit the temple and then go on to Aswan on the next flight, which gets you to Aswan by lunch time. Which is what we did. And it was nice, BUT it was a little rushed to see Abu Simbel. We really only had about 30 minutes to look inside the temples. If you were debating whether to stay longer, be aware that there is a cute little cafe overlooking the water with souvenir shopping available. So if you have the choice of another flight 2 hours later, it would be easy to hang around Abu Simbel that long exploring the temples more and then enjoying the cafe. Once we got to Aswan, we were too tired from the early morning to go out exploring the city anyway, so we just ate lunch at the resort and then relaxed the rest of the day.

Great Pyramid - it is optional to buy tickets to go INSIDE the great pyramid. We chose to do this. GREAT experience. We were there at the end of the day, just before closing which was nice, so we were the only people inside at the time. There really isn't anything to SEE... but it was just cool. To be inside... and to climb up the narrow, dark tunnel which leads to the King's Tomb which is 2/3 of the way up to the top, in the center of the pyramid. That was just neat. And to stand inside the tomb and think that Napoleon and Alexander the Great did the exact same thing.... cool. So, don't do it if you are only interested in seeing hieroglyphics or mummies, since there aren't ANY in there. It is all just smooth stone. And don't do it if you can't climb about 250 feet up an incline in a crouched position. But otherwise... DO IT! :)


Cairo - Ramses Hilton on the Nile. Very nice!!! Great views of the Nile and of Cairo. Busy streets below. We enjoyed our room on the 18th floor.

Cairo - Mena House Oberoi - GREAT splurge!!!! Not too much more per night than the Ramses Hilton. So for our last 2 nights of the trip when we returned to Cairo from the cruise, we stayed here. What a treat!!! Extravagant. View of the Great pyramid from our balcony. 3 minute walk from the hotel to the pyramids. Great experience!!!!

Aswan - Movenick Resort. Beautiful! On an island IN the Nile. Free boat service every 10 minutes to town.

Karly ONeal

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